Reimagine My Community


Journey Involves Choices

Forks in the Road

Unmarked forks in the road await you.

Forks arise from the Journey ahead for you being a Journey of the heart.

Your heart.

Some of the Journey you must make alone. We can do some with others.

We can no more tell you the pathway than predict the winds of life that shape your life.

We won’t do you a disservice by “prescribing” a 1-2-3 pattern for you. We cannot tell you if the right or the left fork is the correct one for your life. But we can give you some useful principles to assist you as you pursue a Reimagine pathway.

As you learn to Reimagine what your Community can look like, the pathway will become clearer to you. Everything in Reimagine relies upon your Journey into areas of Imagination so that you can Reimagine and allow creativity to spring forth.

Patterns in our Thinking

In our Western society, they have taught us since our youth to think in certain ways and fashions. Often these ways and fashions are linear or rely upon an empirical, theoretical or logic-focused approach. We tend towards a science-centric and research-centric approach to life. The pursuit of knowledge and learning becomes paramount.

But we often diminish our capacity to draw upon our internal creative and imaginative resources. We become lopsided and constrained by how we look at life.

Mr. Whoot


Journey is a smaller section than the Home Page (with its links) and Trek-Briefing.  For in Journey you are the one on a Journey.

But before you go, and gather your team to Build (next major Menu option), we want to leave with you a few thoughts.



Yes, a Journey can be hard.  But remember the words of Muttlee’s friend, Cruiser.

Have Some Fun!

Journey in Reimagine means to let the wind fly in your hair and let the sun shine in.

Journey means you must let go of some things that have held you back.

Journey means that fun is okay.

Journey means it is okay to be different.

Journey means you don’t know precisely where you are going. Just going.

Journey means adventure.

Journey means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Text u since muddy paws don’t fit on postcard.…

Dear Kennel Palz:

Creativity kicking in. Sleep. Road trip. Latte to go. Piece of bone-cake with a side of burger sliderz. Gravy-flavored ice-cream if I can find it.

Nailed this again (… hopefully …). But hey … that’s my story and I’m sticking 2 itt.

Had enough of the Korporate Kennel and the so-called-fude they serve. I am doin’ a road trip to figure stuff out.

Love ya’ and Hugs—Your bud, Cruiser.

Journey can mean an actual road trip.

But not always.

What matters is the Journey of the Heart.

This is all about your Reimagination and your Creativity.

Remember to Pace Yourself

Kari chatted it up with the rest of the koalas that hang out with Cruiser.

Some of it sounded kinda’ deep.

Great shot of a sleepy koala by David Clode on Unsplash.  Kudos!

“Not so deep, mon! I just need to chill a bit on this trip-thing and enjoy the scenery … my current theory is that sleep solves everything … after a nap I’ll check it all out.

It amazes me what enters my brain after I just relax a bit.”

Double-Chill notice.…

Where is the Destination?

Yes, it does appear that there are options.

A Little Help Never Hurts

Let’s not kid ourselves.

Some of this is hard friggin’ work.


If you are a forerunner for a concept, dream, or a vision, you get to jump over the chasm first.

That can be nerve-wracking.

That also can mean you are alone—it’s just you and a measured leap of faith across the chasm.

You also get the privilege of scaling hurdles first and then giving others a hand up.

Sometimes, you need a team. When you scale a high mountain, you might have a base camp and porters. You might want other trekkers, hikers and mountaineering types with you depending on the challenge, terrain, time frame, capital needs, and your own capacity. Teams are stronger than solo. But the team needs to be built with team players.

When stuff happens around you, when grids go down and shelves are empty or your significant other dies or a predictable career goes up in smoke, that’s hard.

Often that launches us on a Journey where we don’t know the destination.

Unknown Destinations

We try to be non-prescriptive in Reimagine. That’s why we encourage you to discover your special version of Community.

We encourage you to develop Community with whomever you choose and wherever you choose. But start with Reimagine to unfold what it might be. Then, build it out from there. Maybe it already exists, but you just haven’t found it yet! We design our “process” to encourage towards new and creative solutions if one doesn’t already exist.

Once you have the basic Vision and idea in place, then it’s time to Plant.

As you Journey, know there is a time to plant, a time to grow and a time to harvest.

Patience and Courage

This is often a Work in Progress. The shaping of Community rarely comes from one walk at the beach or discussion with your friends. Community vision needs to be Reimagined and then, part way through, additional Reimagine processes take place within you. Community Vision becomes honed and refined as you take steps.

Sorry, but we can’t tell you how long your personal Journey will take. Days, weeks, months, years? We don’t know. We can’t stress enough to take time for the “birthing of a vision.” This isn’t about making crops grow faster with chemical fertilizers. It’s a lot like certain types of cheese or wine—you can’t rush the process and expect the quality to be there.

Patience is critical.

In the same breath, we don’t mean the “paralysis of analysis” where wheels get stuck in the mud.

Neither do we mean timidity or fear where we are afraid to try new things. Fear can be one of the harder mountains to scale, and this is especially true when life has handed us some hard times. For those coming from that situation, know that Community means that others can gather around to help us. Try to find the strength—even if it feels very tiny and faint—to step out and try something new.

When you (or you and your team) are ready, then move on to Plant your vision for Community. Select the menu buttons available on the page (Journey) that brought you here.

Safe journeys!

See you in Plant! (Plant is within the major section – Build)

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