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Times of Change

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The last thing anyone needs when thinking about Reimagining their Community and future Life on Planet Earth is … you likely guessed it … hopelessness.

Hopelessness is a great way to come to a screeching halt.

But a false hope—with a fantasy—isn’t a great pathway forward either.

We are in times of change.

This site supports science, environmentally sound practices, and solid thinking. But we also know there are certain topics that science and solid thinking, by themselves, cannot solve.

In Reimagine, we seek to provide hope through unconventional means. Some of that surrounds getting in touch with our heart, our spirit, and the creative aspects of our mind. Words like imagination, right brain and creativity also come to mind. That also involves penetrating questions for you to reflect upon.

Right-brain creativity isn’t the only key, though. Neither is rejecting left-brain thinking and science.

We must approach challenges holistically with all aspects of our being.

Explainer – Right and Left Brain

For readers unfamiliar with right and left-brain thinking, these terms (somewhat dated) refer to Dr. Roger Sperry’s research work (1960’s). Popular literature represented the left brain as more analytical, sequential and logical than the right brain hemisphere. Popular literature often over-simplified their work and the work of other researchers.

Dr. Sperry’s valued work with his team was as a neuropsychologist and neurobiologist. He was a Nobel laureate alongside David Hunter Hubel and Torsten Nils Wiesel.

More recent research (and their later work) added to their notable efforts.


Where are we headed?

May we respectfully suggest just one thing?

We don’t have a lot of confidence in The System’s ability to bail us out of the enormous messes. Like the climate mess. Or other big messes.

Let’s just say The System doesn’t have a great batting average or track record.

Neither do we have a lot of confidence for The System to even hear us without greenwashing, whitewashing and more words, words and words. Without actions. Actual change is hard, hard, hard work and often involves personal sacrifice.

In the words of one activist, we don’t need more blah, blah, blah.

For those to whom the blah-factor does not apply, we commend you.

We value the sincere and honest folks who are doing their best to make real changes.

This observation applies to other societal problems we keep hearing about. Food and water supply. Problems with the grid. Policing. Racism. Politics. Anyway … it’s a long list, and we get into it elsewhere in Reimagine and Rethink.

Frankly, we are very concerned when valid and expressed concerns of our youth appear to fall on deaf ears.

Pathetic lip service by The System never helps.

Deep in the Academic (Academia)

Moderators for this site might be old enough to fall into the grandparent stage of life.

Yes, we have seen many things.

Many of us and our peers have enough background and training to put an intellectual hat on.

You know, Take-1: the stuff with more involved thought patterns and vocabulary.

You know, Take-2: it needs translation to figure it out and put it in Plain English. At which point we ask a simple question of the Big-Fancy-Word-Department: why didn’t you say it simply in the first place?

Yes, we know we need precise words (sometimes) and that sometimes we need special forms of language to represent special thoughts. Precision (and nuance that word is fancier) in language is valuable.

Why do we use a big word when a little one will do? For when we speak to many, we must use words understood by many. It’s like, well, you know, it’s like … whatever. We need more than “like” or everything becomes like … like.

In Reimagine, we try to avoid getting too technical because we want you to Reimagine things differently. We engage the viewer in a fashion designed to move fluidly between “right and left brain” approaches. Or, more precisely, between creativity-imagination and our other faculties.

We also move between different age and readership groups. We even shift our author’s voice across different reading levels. This is intentional. Think of a living room with children, teens, and adults present. Often, we will inject humor or the antics of an animal-character into the dialog. Like the bird landing in the park during our walk, the bird arrives without formality or invitation.

We ignore “target market” thinking on this site as it is too restrictive for what we seek to accomplish.

We speak to the masses and go with the flow of our pens.

When the Older Ignore the Younger

Of course we had it all figured out in our teen years!!!

But we weren’t all wrong.

Teens looking for love and validation often see, correctly, how Mom or Dad have put them in a “not-all-that-important” bucket. Work and chasing money have become more important than them. It’s another missed ball game or the family watching a movie together. It’s no big surprise that the youth become upset!

Or, we encounter the other situation where children are put-on-a-pedestal. This, too, creates problems.

Younger people protest against what is going on in government, corporations, and society. Often, their observations are valid. Not always—sometimes they lack experience and wisdom.

We dishonor them when we cannot hear their voices. While their voice may lack the sophistication of the well-studied and older academic, that’s not the point.

It’s the message that matters.

We do well to hear the voice of youth and those with less “glitz and glamor” (less wealth or position in life).

Honor the youth.

Honor the aged.

Honor one another.

We must learn from the least. Even the lowly ant and the buzzing bee display excellent work ethics.

We aren't Against Governments, Society or Big Business

But we will speak against systems that are just plain dumb, stubborn and resist reasonable requests for change.

As well, we speak against systems that pretend on the outside to be honorable. But with their actions, they speak in other ways.

It doesn’t matter if it is politics, business or religion.

At the end of the day, BS is BS. We could use more colorful adjectives, but we use images instead. Mr. Whoot, one of our moderators, always has some strong words on climate change.

It’s like visiting a farm. It doesn’t matter where you get your shoes from. When you step in you-know-what (from a cow’s rear-end), it does a number on your shoe. As in yuck!

We won’t call BS “perfume or porridge.”

But the cow provides milk … and its life in some circles (barbecue).

The cow just did what all cows have done for millennia. Sorry about your shoe.

We ask once More - Where are we Headed?

Finger to the wind???

Hmmm … doesn’t look great. We don’t think that a lot of what we take for granted on this planet is on a good foundation.

Our generation has passed down a bucket load of junk upon future generations. We are and were wrong (and so was The System in previous generations).

We reach that conclusion after a lot of thinking, reading, pondering and just long, quiet walks. More grey hairs. More follicles jumping out and going to life’s great follicle-dumpster (usually in noses and ears as we age).

To youthful readers—or readers with less grey hairs—we offer pathways to Reimagine. Where will that take you? We don’t know. But we offer what tools and insights we can, with sincerity, to aid you in your unique and valued personal Journey.

May you, and those who Journey with you, find what you desire and seek. We hope the thoughts on this website aid you in your pathways in life.

While trying to be gracious, we don’t pull any punches either. We call out The System.

Courtesy of the old crows and owls that moderate this site.