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Content Discovery Cards

Discovery Cards

Discovery Cards provide content “doors” into Reimagine Content. We tie these together with common areas of interest.

In most cases, just following the “flow” of content and your preferred choices will work for you. So that means the Home Page, follow out the links from it, and move through Trek and Build.

Sometimes, there might be subtle (“nuanced”) reasons for including a particular link within a given topical area. We encourage lateral thinking within Reimagine.  In general, the most user benefit within Reimagine comes by following the flow of the main pages, the primary options within the Menu, and reflecting on Trek and Build.

But that’s not written in stone. Some like to click wherever and build their impressions as they journey. That’s just fine too.

Or, some individuals may prefer something with additional structure and categories. See the cards below.

Because Reimagine encourages your creativity and to imagine new things (Reimagine), we have placed content in a way that allows exploration and discovery.

Discovery Cards do not replace the normal flow of Reimagine. However, they can be very helpful in working with the content in ways that work for you. The bottom line is that we are all wired a bit differently. Different personalities. Different learning experiences in life. Different teachers. Different preferred ways of learning.

Discovery Cards do not index all the content differently. But they are great for getting a handle on key concepts.

Links appear after each Discovery Card.

Available Cards

Academic and Bibiliographic

Reserved for citation within Rethink.


We encourage philanthropists to support Communities and endeavors of their choice.

You can find related discussions surrounding this in the links below.

If a Reimagined Community interests you—either as a place to live in, develop or support—this website may interest you.

Climate Change Worries Me

It concerns us as well.

Within Reimagine, there are several articles or references to Climate Change, barriers to change and hurdles facing Communities.

We support positive and creative endeavor to help minimize continued impacts on Climate Change and Global Warming.

We believe the site will interest you as you navigate what to do with your life and those that surround you.

We reference specific articles below.

I am into Spirituality

This card is the companion Discovery Card to “I am NOT into Spirituality”.

We encourage a spirituality without getting bent out of shape about those who don’t see things your way.

We think that open and honest dialog is smart and helpful.

We believe a true spirituality is beneficial towards humanity.

We believe that true spirituality and ethics displays justice with current issues (like Global Warming and Climate Justice).

Concerns by countries that they might be sued for making payments to help smaller countries in need from Climate Change?  Like, how lame and sniveling is that? C’mon lawyers and power brokers: you can do better than that.

We call you out, upwards, to a better position than this. Find a better solution! Endless chasing after money and power? We don’t support that. But we support honest endeavor and hard work.

Check out some links below.

I am NOT into Spirituality

We get it.

Religion has done enough stupid (and evil) things to do us all in. Take your pick. Religious wars. The Spanish Inquisition. Crucifying the innocent or burning alleged witches at the stake. Church-and-State coming together in pursuit of power. Burning decent books. Residential School wrongdoings and persecution of children in Canada. The crazy-list is lengthy. It’s enough to make anyone throw up once we know the details.

But most of us know there is “something out there” that we can’t see with our eyes despite our best efforts at atheism or I-just-don’t-know.

We do our best to respect individual personal journey and soul-searching in Reimagine. Individual choice and individual decisions.

We also do our best NOT to sugar-coat the antics and practices of religion-gone-astray. Defending that which is wrong—blatantly wrong—doesn’t do anyone any good.

Reimagine seeks to find a place to enable your own personal determination of Community in Trek and Build (the two major sections in Reimagine).

I am into Fiction

Some of us are writers, so we need to excuse ourselves from this one. But the chance of us doing that is remote. Someone has to write this stuff! Besides, it is fun for us.

Fiction is good for the creative and relaxation part of you. Fiction lovers already know this. So it isn’t like we need to sell you on that idea.

You might notice how we have joined the Arts and Science within Reimagine. We also like to look at the intersection of spirituality and Current Events (like Climate Change) and Science. We see many factors at work in a symphony of sorts.

We support fiction within Reimagine.

I am not into Fiction

Have you ever considered becoming a Both-A-Saurus? As in reading both Non-Fiction and Fiction.

Non-Fiction is important just as the Sciences are important.

But we don’t think that Non-Fiction alone is enough. Just as the blend of the Arts and the Sciences brings forth and inspires newness, we encourage you to look at both.

Do try to have a look at our thoughts on “Rocks and Streams” within the content links for this Discovery Card.

Artistic Creativity

We value your contributions on the canvas of words, media and art (both 2-D and 3-D).

Yet, artists must also embrace other disciplines and fields. The lights in the studio do not come on without the Sciences (candles aside).

It is when we Reimagine the coming together of the Arts and Sciences—a newer Reimagined-Renaissance of sorts—that we find blends of new and old that provide benefits to humanity.

In some ways, Reimagine might be easier for you. You already imagine “whatever” in your preferred area of interest.

We encourage you to look over the remaining Discovery Cards and follow the flow of Reimagine beginning on the Home Page. As always, you’re in charge of your fingers on the screen, mouse or track pad—or voice control—so journey as you wish.

Yes, we will continue to work on accessibility and audio versions.

I Like Innovation & Creativity

We admit to being biased (hint—we really like Innovation & Creativity as well).

This entire website is totally into that realm. We recognize the incredible value of the Sciences & Technology.

But we embrace other disciplines and approaches as well.

We support Innovation.

We find it exciting. We think it is wonderful when innovative water well technologies bring water to thirsty areas, or new green technologies help diminish pollution-belching power plants. You will find us cheering you on!

You will find a cheerleader for Innovation and Creativity within Reimagine.

We would love to see more campuses and Communities springing up focusing on Innovation and Creativity. We hope you can incorporate some of that into your Community.

Perhaps your Creativity might be artisans in food, textiles and the crafts.

Perhaps it is an anti-gravity machine (give us a hint how that works—our curiosity is getting the best of us)!

Perhaps it is Artistic Creativity (see the Discovery Card with that title).

Follow your passion as you incorporate Reimagine into the creative flows of your world!

AI is where it is at!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) isn’t a “chip off the old block.”

Brilliant scientists in immunology are the first to admit that the human immune system is Uber-Complex. Check out this interesting article: . The joke on the immunologist and the cardiologist is good.

The complexity of the immune system is second only to the brain. That’s of course before we get into the more subtle discussions on the mind, the spirit and the heart. Oh, heck, we might as well throw the subconscious and psychotropic research drugs into the ring while we are at it.

How murky and muddy do you want the waters?

Then, like the rest of the participants on the ship of life, we get up grumpy some mornings. Well, there go the brain wave patterns like the raucous sound of two crows arguing over leftovers. Yes, you can see the spikes and flares on graphs with the right equipment.

Like, we aren’t even talking about a hangover or out-of-whack blood sugars, or anything veiled in the murky intergenerational waters of genetics. Do we understand the full implications of epigenetics in the genetic transmission of trauma?

Seriously? You’re telling us you are going to nail the very foundations of thought, in a pristine fashion, and create some stroke of perfect genius in AI that surpasses us operating in our fulness and wholeness? Really?

If a content-author or scientist, without coffee, is stumbling around to get the morning coffee pot going, what happens when something gets missed in AI?

We think there are some useful applications for AI. We realize the potential for good as it sifts through massive databases of health symptoms.

But AI without boundaries? Without our humanity? As in build it, and put it on cruise control?

Ask the Manhattan Project about what happens in nuclear research when we touch certain areas. Ask Einstein and other peer scientists about their regrets.

We are all for science—see the Discovery Card on Science & Technology.

But we can’t make a field mouse from scratch, let alone DNA. We mean from scratch—not in a laboratory. We aren’t talking about the usual newer-petri dishes and test tubes or somatic cell nuclear transfer and out pops Dolly.

We support research—even innovative research—but you will need some additional help with this one. We need to recognize our inherent limitations. Our issues. Our human failings and frailties.

For we all fail, in varying forms and degrees. We fail ourselves. We fail others. For we bring rusty saws and dull chisels to the blocks of marble as we seek to mimic our brain and body in pursuit of artificial intelligence and humanoid robotics.

Sometimes we need to Reimagine our approach. For it is often the questions we don’t even know to ask that will catch us unawares and become a snare to us.

Reimagine touches the unseen areas.

Reimagine touches our potential.

And our frailties and limitations.

I Like Science & Technology

Skip the Transporter Room and just roll with anti-gravity and antimatter.

We get it. We love the sciences, math, physics and everything from A to Z: Anatomy to Zoology. Just don’t get too carried away with that range of activity with your imagination.

And we don’t mean just the basics like bananas producing a positron every 75 minutes as potassium-40 decays. We know antiparticles don’t go to a box store for a vacuum cleaner to siphon dust off the router.

One of the great science minds of all time (Einstein) was into Imagination. So adventures in Imagination (Reimagination) mean you are on a great path if you are into Science & Technology. Logic, research and Science & Technology coexist well in Reimagine’s sandbox.

We encourage you to permit Reimagination into your world. This excites us when we hear what you come up with.

We want to hear about your next and greatest invention “out there and benefiting others” as you apply the principles of Community over a stack of pizza (or tofu) and coffee.

Check out a few of our articles after a cruise on the Home Page and a few links from it.

I think in a Hierarchical tree-like fashion.

Trees work well for structuring information.

But squirrels mess it up for you when they jump from one branch to another.

Not all pathways to the treasured nuts for the winter pantry are along the limbs and branches.

Travel along a tree branch and you will soon discover—if you are a squirrel—that the best route isn’t always back to the trunk or big limb and then start over.

Sometimes you just need to jump.

Tree structures are good. We like trees. Nothing wrong with them for filing and structuring data into meaningful blocks or chunks of information. Some of us think in terms of trees.

Reimagine is like a squirrel. Sometimes we use the trunk, limb, branches and twigs. At other times, the squirrel is active and bouncing around from one spot to another.

Pathways of discovery sometimes need “detours.”

Not all detours are detours.

Check out some of these articles.

I like Categories

M for Miscellaneous (Everything)?

Or Alphabetic Sections. Library of Congress or Dewey Decimal. Or perhaps a legal or medical office filing system. Manufacturers with very precise recording systems by category. Folders on computers.

Then, of course, there are bookstores with their Categories. Hardware stores with sections. Clothing stores with style racks. Types of vehicles. Grocery stores with spices and produce.

Just to be clear. We like Categories too.

Reimagine invites you to the world of Category Transfers and Sharing where principles in one system become fluid applied elsewhere with Creativity and Reimagination. Lateral thinking. Thinking that is outside-the-box. Fusion of right brain thought processes with the heart and spirit.

The problem is that they (Educators and our society) have taught us since our early years to think in terms of Categories. In the historical fusion of Education and Religion (now there’s a topic or debate and a half), we see many parallels of structured thought.

Categories are a useful tool and servant of life, Creativity and Reimagination. After all, if you are a creative cook with many recipes, in time the M for Miscellaneous Recipes just gets unworkable.

Reimagine sprouts impressions and seeds of thought in different directions. It’s all quite intentional.

But, hey, we gave you a menu! So we caved and gave you some categories.

Some of us think in terms of words and implied subjects (like how a Search Engine responds to what you type in). As you may have discovered with your Search Engine of choice, or the local Box Store, things are not always where you think they might be.

Structured or topical approaches work well for some forms of content but not well with others.

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