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The Blog is hiding over in The Portal (Reimagine-Rethink-Community – In Reimagine-Rethink-Community it’s called Eyes-n-Ears which contains all of our visual media and blogs, vlogs, podcasts, shorts, whatever-you-get-the-idea). It’s more than just a blog.

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But there’s some brief (but fun) content you might want to cruise through on this page before heading there. Here’s some of the things we were thinking on.

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Of course content needs to be fresh or what is the point?

Looks like this intrepid voyager landed on the wrong planet. He took up vaping to figure out next steps after his messed up flight plan. This planet was uninhabitable.

The Escape-from-Earth Mission didn’t work out as expected.

Wrinkles in Time and Space

“I always recommend you avoid using wrinkles in time and space unless your navigation systems are recently tuned by experts.”

Mr. Whoot

Blog content is related to this site focus (Reimagine My Community).

As mentioned above, Blog content is hanging out in The Portal: Reimagine-Rethink-Community.

Additional curated content is within The Reimagine Book.

Blog – Post Frequency

Blog Posts will occur Regularly

We will post with the usual rants and flavor that you see on this website.

The System messes up enough in any week so we never seem to run out of topics to post. Friggin’ geniuses at messing up.

We will set the post schedule (frequency for new content) upon release of the Blog in The Portal.

We do not expect a long time gap to get started on this.

Sample areas for Rant-of-the-Day or Rant-of-the-Week follow.

We dream rants. No nightmares needed—there’s enough in the news.

“The System messes up badly in any given day. They shouldn’t run out of things to rant about …”

Hot and Trending Links

We will be releasing links to hot and trending topics soon!

Don’t know about where you live, but in Western Canada we broke (smashed) records.

For seniors, the disadvantaged, and the disabled.  Innovation needed!

What’s in mind for those being displaced from natural disasters or other societal shortcomings?

Some places are getting more challenging to live in and grow crops.

Where is this headed? Solutions?

Who is paying for this mess?

Not looking good in some areas.  Better call Mr. Whoot for his sharp beak on the forest-stump soapbox.

We all gotta eat and drink!

We will want to hear from you on this one. What’s working? What isn’t?

What’s systemic and stuck in a rut? What’s been brought to the surface by recent challenges?

Can we do better?

Let’s talk.

Know that we support quality health care and the tireless efforts of so many.

Are there alternate models, proven elsewhere, that work well? Can we bring innovation to the table with these?