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Harvest Community – 1

Harvest Time - More than Food!


It’s been a push. All the sometimes-demanding steps of Briefing and Journey are in the past. Then it was on to working with others to assemble your team and your Community, and build out your vision.

By now you have planted and grown something you can be proud of.

You could look at this page years later and say, “Yes, it’s happening!” Or, perhaps, you are simply looking ahead to what the Harvest might be.

Like farmers harvesting crops, picking fruits and vegetables, or gathering grapes for the crush, you have entered the phase where benefits start coming on stream.

Her cheerful smile says it all.

Sometimes the lay of the land makes gardening a bit more challenging.

In the beautiful Austrian Village of Hallstatt, this picture suggests that additional creativity was and is likely needed for the growth cycle leading to Harvest. Hallstatt was known for its salt mines.

Perhaps surrounding farms serviced the village. If so, they would have had logistical hurdles to overcome. They would have arrangements in one form or another.

Cities often lack arable land because of agriculture’s nemesis: concrete and asphalt. Cities often require external support systems for food supply.

However you Reimagine your Community, we encourage you to consider the principles of Harvest to guide you.

Community – Important Aspects

Community is Inclusive

Young. Old.

Black. White. Red. Brown.

As for one of the content authors, he was, in his youth, lobster-red due to sunburns (carrot top hair in his youth). It’s all in them thar’ genes.

Community is inclusive.

This is important stuff—it gets a Double Chill and a Mr. Whoot Notice and Thumbs Up.

Mr. Whoot doesn’t give out many thumbs-up.

Community is a tapestry and painting that all practice together until the painting takes form.

All artists begin with imperfections. No one is exempt.

And if a particular group of people, ethnicity, or race freaks you out, maybe it is time to loosen up.

We believe in accepting all—regardless of skin color or ethnic background.

Your blood or family line doesn’t—by some Divine authority—make you the top dog. Ask Muttlee about that. A little tweak of the DNA-dial, a little spin of the dials of history, and your world could be a-whole-lot different.

Just sayin’….

True Community doesn’t look down on others. We are equals. Each one of us is on a Journey and we need to respect that.

The small and the insignificant often have a voice worth heeding. Build the lesser into your Community plans and it will go well for you (and them!). Give back. Help those with less.

Embrace those with heart—with your heart.

And it doesn’t need a big fancy building to do that. Pardon us while we clear our throats … as in “ahem!”

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Community Gives Back

Remember to give back from your Harvest. It’s cool to do this.

It’s totally cool to help those with less. 

Including friends of Muttlee….

That’s how the resident mascots figure it anyway …

These two pooches have nailed the fine art of owner manipulation.

Total geniuses.

If you caved, don’t worry. You’re normal. Pay no attention to Aunt Maude, who feeds her cat at the table and scolds you.

Even the psychotherapists, disciplinarians, and boundary specialists often flunk this test and hand over the last bite. It’s that or the emotional pressure of those sad (begging?) eyes.

It’s worse if you say NO! and eat the last bite.

And they thought you were part of their pack.

Shame on you!


Official Dog Talk

Warning – Brain Waves Devoid of Coffee

This site does not provide dog training guidance or any useful forms of dog owner wisdom.

Community is Outward-Facing

Inward Communities – Black Holes

Last we heard from astronomers and our favorite Sci-Fi books and movies, it’s not a great idea to go for an intra-galactic stroll into Black Holes.

It’s rumored that Black Holes have an excessive appetite.

Inter-galactic Diners and Dieters call it a Light Diet, with mains being a few stray planets, stars or wayward travelers. Not vegan. Skip any instruction in plating by the Sous Chefs if you point your vessel at these starship eaters.

Guess what? Inward-focused Communities self-destruct. Implosion—or gasping like a dying star—is their destiny. Skip the occasional supernova unless we are talking politics.


Inward is the Wrong Direction.

It may take some time, but inward communities always implode. Or they join the endangered species list….

We get why you desire to hang out with those of like heart and mind, and with a similar set of values.

But don’t forget this fundamental principle: Inward-Focused Communities eat light instead of sending it outwards.

Light is Outward

Instead, roll with how the sun works—it sends light Outward.

It doesn’t just Reflect light (like the moon). The Moon is great for tides—some would say green cheese—evening romantic dining, and moon missions. It does a lousy job of providing enough light and heat.

Application? Be a light that shines and lights the way for others. That’s a healthy Community.

Enjoy the journey. Light that light. Show the way to others.

Lighting a Light Means Liberty

The journey into Community is almost at an end. Mature and Healthy Communities replicate themselves and teach others.

But Replication doesn’t mean Clones.

Replication means useful principles that you impart and mentor others with. It’s not about a gazillion more rules and policies, or cranking out cookie-cutter subdivisions. Like, really?

Clones implode as surely as Black Holes suck light. Life is not about looking at yourself in a mirror.

Find your own recipes from the heart. Let those you mentor and encourage find their own recipes.

They too must Journey.

Remember the Lessons of Your Journey

It’s not complicated. The next step is easy once you complete the Journey all the way through to the Harvest. You will know the way. Walk among others. But with soft edges. Not with a Black Friday Feeding Frenzy—pushing and shoving for the latest hot deal.

Light lights.

Remember the Journey. Create new ways.

Remember the teachings of old ways.

Show love, joy, and peace. Remember to dance and smile.

Something will happen.….

Community Will Visit You

And that’s about all we have to say….

May you discover what becomes a blessing to you, your family and friends, and those whose lives you touch.

Thank you for joining us on this Journey.

Do let us know your success stories!

Not so fast. I suppose you thought you were done.

Plod and Slog are in the barnyard….

Plod and Slog: time to get outta here. Fast. Miss Prissy looks like she’s on a roll. We all know where that’s headed….

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