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You can go directly to a section by clicking on one of the sections. 

It’s far more adventurous to skip over the Getting Started section in a new computer program.

Then there’s Christmas Presents (some assembly required) where surging ahead leaves you with extra nuts n’ bolts.

These links allow you to skip over instructions that might be boring (who knows … some may not think so)….

Don’t forget about Discovery Cards!  They are also handy for different ways of starting with the content.


We encourage you to view content as part of the flow of the major sections.  Often, content has other introductory comments that sets the tone and stage.

You are free to view content here directly. There are some types of discussions where categories are helpful.

However, by so doing, you may miss out on the value of the natural flow of discussion on other pages. Jumping into content here is a bit like coming into the middle of a conversation. Until you understand the flow of the discussion, the topic under discussion lacks context. It is then harder to follow, or it is easy to jump to an incorrect conclusion.

We all have run into this in life when we sit down partway through a lunch meeting. Or, we read a book or watch a movie halfway through. We risk missing important context or background information.

The General section is the exception to this. It contains content that might not naturally fit the flow of other sections or we deem it as quite broad. For example, the link on Community helps define what the word suggests (and what it doesn’t). So “General” is a general-purpose link. We also include two articles (Knowledge and Education and Wisdom) that are broad.

We show where content appears in a link.

A full list of content appears on our Site Map. We do not catalog all content in this section (Discuss). However, between the main section areas on the Home Page, you will have access to all the content through the various links.

Here is what a sample entry in Discuss looks like. Notice how the blue link (under “Climate Change—Our Position”) will take you to this article or a link to it.

The purpose of the left column (white panel with links) is to give you context for an entry.

The black button (yellow text) on the right will take you directly to the page itself.

Climate Change – Our Position

Those with business or philanthropic interests to support Community will find links under the Business-Philanthropic in this section. In here, we discuss some elements for your consideration. See comments below on this being a principle-based website. While we are interested in what you might create or develop towards Community, we aren’t here to solicit from you.

You do not need to be in business or have philanthropic interests to use this website. Many forms of organization (informal or formal) can benefit from the principles.

We do not promote any specific business opportunity or solicit charitable endeavor on this website. We do, however, encourage Humanitarian objectives in your Community.

As a public service website, we pursue principle-based and educational content. We will discuss criteria to include in our Showcase when this section of our site is live.

Our Store is used to defray costs of content development. Please refer to the Store link for additional information.

This column is for comments and to provide context.

If it’s in blue it’s a link that goes to the area that starts the discussion in context.  This is Stumpee’s idea for this row—she wanted a selfie for this page. We know we already talked about this but we like Stumpee … sooo … selfie it is!

This (as you might guess) goes nowhere (fast)—explainer only.


Say, about that word, “Community.” Just what do you mean by that?

About Fun (or, “Is this site for real?”)

Climate Change

Clarity and a Climate Parable

Climate Change – Our Position

Social Concern and Compassion

Each one of us need a hand up. While the area of need may vary, no one is exempt. Even the wealthy have their areas of personal struggle.

Important Topics to Think On ...

Rocks and Streams, Balance

In a Pickle and Concept Models

About that Grey Matter
(between the ears)

Not Typical Iterative Design Process
(yup—gone technical … skip if not your thing)

Business - Philanthropic

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